Our newest clutch hatched on 8/1/08. I hatched out an incredible Male Super Pastel Yellow Belly!!!!

As I have mentioned in an earlier post one of the hardest things when producing a new combo morphs is determining if you have produced them or not. On 8/1/08 I hatched out a five-egg clutch from a Pastel Yellow Belly to a Pastel Breeding. When the clutch hatched it looked to me that I had produced a Super Pastel, a Pastel Yellow Belly, a Yellow Belly, a Pastel, and a Normal. I was kind of bummed that I didn't hit the odds on the Super Pastel Yellow Belly. Last year I hatched out two Pastel Yellow Bellys and both of those had very intense orange colored flames to go with the all around orange colored body. The Super Pastel I produced in this clutch just didn't look like it could be the next step up. The other thing that seemed to be lacking was the heavy abdominal speckling (for lack of a better word) to describe the typical Yellow Belly abdominal pattern. I checked with a couple of breeders who have done a lot of work with YB’s and none could give me a definite answer. A few weeks later after they had shed and were all eating I started noticing the Super Pastel was looking a lot better to me.

First up is SUPASTYB08-1.

Here is the Pastel Yellow Belly from the clutch

Here are a couple of pictures of the the three YB's from the clutch right after they hatched. You can see why it was difficult to determine if it was a Super YB in these pictures.

Here is a picture of the Super Pastel YB and the Pastel YB right after they hatched.

I hope you enjoy the pictures,