The X-tremist Gene Explained!

The X-tremist gene is an exciting new gene that hatched out in Ken Macek's collection. I will let Ken explain it here.

"The X-tremist Gene is Incomplete Dominant or what is commonly called in the reptile industry as Co-
Dom.  There is the Single gene (X-tremist) and a Super (Super X-tremist).  The X-tremist gene originated from my original X-treme gene stock and at first I thought it was just a variation of X-treme Gene but after further breedings I realized there were two different genes at work. While very similar in the single gene  the "Supers" each produced were very different."

In my trying to explain it I liken it to the same thing as a Woma and a Hidden Gene Woma. Both originated at NERD and at first it was thought that the Hidden Gene Woma had an additional gene that made them more radical looking but it turned out that they were two completely different genes. It works the same way with X-treme Gene and X-tremist Gene. Lets have a look at some of these.

This is my original X-tremist Gene Yellow Belly I purchased from Ken in 2014. I purchased it as an X-treme Gene Yellow Belly and it wasn't until the 2018 season that we realized it had much more going on. By the way right after Ken sold me mine was when he noticed something different going on with the two genes so he held back all of the ones that looked like mine and only sold X-treme Genes. That was also the first year he noticed them at all so if you are thinking maybe your X-treme Gene is an X-tremist unless you are incredibly lucky it is very unlikely.



In the 2018 Season I bred the original Male X-treme Gene Yellow Belly to a Pastel Yellow Belly X-treme Gene Female I had produced from the original Male. It was an nine egg clutch with one going bad. They started hatching late November.

This is the first one that came out of the egg after it's first shed. It is a Super X-tremist Pastel Yellow Belly

This is the second one. It is a Super X-tremist Yellow Belly.

Super Sauce Clutch

This is the third. It is a Super X-tremist Pastel.

Hot Sauce and Fire YB

I sent the pictures to Ken and that is when he told me that I had X-tremist Gene. We spent about an hour or so on Facebook messenger going over all of the animals I had produced from the original Male and he told me they were all X-tremist Gene not X-treme Gene.

Here is the rest of the clutch.

An X-tremist Pastel.

An X-tremist Yellow Belly.

A single gene X-tremist

There were also two Ivories in the clutch that could be hiding something else in them.

Ivory one.

Ivory two.

Here are some updated pictures of the Super X-tremists. These are all over 600 grams so they are really holding their incredible good looks into adulthood.

Super X-tremist Pastel Yellow Belly

Super X-tremist Yellow Belly

Super X-tremist Pastel




So there you have it the story of the X-tremist Gene so far, are you ready to take the next step?


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